John Voris

John Voris officially started his consulting business in 2002. He  graduated with a Degree in Philosophy from the University of California, Berkeley in 1977.

John put his degree in philosophy to good use by applying it to his sales career where he discovered a pattern of behavior which soon lead to a proven, successful selling model that he would use for 30 years earning himself a very comfortable living in what is generally considered the toughest sales gig on the planet: Retail, Door to Door, Cold-Call Sales. It’s noteworthy that he did so working just 20 hours a week which afforded him ample time to pursue his true passions; Writing and Research.

Among his fellow salesmen he noticed that most of their selling frustrations stemmed from a belief that something was wrong with them and thus needed to be “Fixed”. So, rather than focusing on their own unique gifts and the vital contributions they bring to the world, most of them perused “The Fix”, a futile journey to become someone they were not, and cannot be. Sadly for them, it resulted in an endless cycle of frustration, helplessness and disappointment as they threw good money after bad in an effort to buy the next best “Fix” that would finally launch their sales career.

From all of this John created a simple personal philosophy:

There is nothing to fix, only something to discover.

This concept runs completely counter to much of what is popularly taught these days. This approach in understanding human motivation and well-being is similar to European style existential psychology which basically states that there is no single standard by which all of us must be measured. In other words, there is no “normal”.