Courses Offered

Collaborative Growth Series

Personal Growth Coaching and Collaboration

  • Enduring Relationships
  • Overcoming Self-doubt with Self-awareness
  • Moving Past Guilt and Shame Forever
  • Exchanging Anger for Well Being

Collaborative Business Coaching

  • Selecting the Perfect Career
  • Building Insightful, Creative Teams
  • Creating a Meaningful Business Identity & Brand
  • Collaborative Leadership & Management

More Sales Through Integrity

  • Discover who you truly are, the hidden meaning of what you are selling and who your prospect truly is.

Achievement & Mastery Series

  • Making Advancement through Career Selection
  • Building Highly Effective Teams
  • Achieving a Strong Business Identity & Brand
  • Leadership & Management Empowerment

Self Mastery

  • Understanding and Strengthening your Relationships
  • Annihilating Self-doubt
  • Stomping Out Guilt and Shame
  • Leveraging Anger to Facilitate Change

A Sales Force That Dominates

  • Personalized, Effective Sales Training

All of these courses are custom tailored to your specific needs. For more information on these or other custom tailored programs please contact us.