How can this help my marriage?
John’s assessment can help marriages by the couple understanding what we call the their Rejuvenating Identity. This Identity is a way of being that is very different than the what you express in your everyday work life. In the discovery of the Life Theme partners find what rejuvenates and defines their need to escape from everyday pressures. When the Rejuvenating Identity is being expressed, it may be seen as laziness, disinterest, abandonment, play and many other forms of disconnect from responsibilities. Regardless of how brief, this behavior is often seen as negative characteristics by a partner causing the root of their conflict.

However, upon recognizing the Rejuvenating Identity of both parties and how it is an essential function to a balanced psychology, couples report that both forgive, understand, and permit that expression in the other, either terminating all conflict or causing a dramatic and livable reduction.

If my employees take this Assessment, how will that change employee moral?
In our Discovery Session, our clients discover how they work best, what kind of results give them satisfaction, and their personal work ethic which will allow them optimum sufficiency in the workplace. Once your employees understand how they work on a personal level, this insight shifts into the workplace with a new understanding of themselves and their co-workers. When one or more employees become aware of their individual Life Theme, these occurs a bonding and new level of trust and mutual support. Each respects the Authentic Domain of the other and moral improves.

Can Authentic Systems teach me to make more money?
Authentic Systems doesn’t teach you how to make more money, but rather it reveals to you the natural tools you posses in order to make more money. You will now know how best to apply your natural abilities and in the right career. The only way anyone can reach their maximum earning potential, is know what naturally motivates them beneath their personality and express that motivation to the fullest. Otherwise these is diminished income without happiness.

What kind of personal issues can Authentic Systems resolve?
Authentic Systems can resolve the following:

Time Management
Fear of failure
Negative self image
Balancing work and home Power’s struggle
Goal setting
Dealing with conflict
Dealing with success
Self confidence
Self discipline
Getting out of comfort zones
Fear of success
Listening skills
Communication skills with in the family
Dealing with anger and frustration
Family conflicts
Negative habits
Self discipline

How can this process change my approach to success?
Once you understand what causes your success on a personal level you can leverage it so that it can be more predominant in your business life as well. Through Authentic Systems you can learn what has always been your source that has been trying to guide you toward success.

Can my children take it?
It is recommended that no child under the age of 15 take our assessment. Due to the nature of our process it is essential that our young clients have a fully formed the essential factors toward identity development.

What would an Authentic Systems assessment provide for my teenage child?
Because Authentic Systems discovers the motivation of human expression based on the individual client, knowing how your child best expresses themselves will lead the path of what should be doing with their life, and they’ll enjoy doing it. Our assessment is the perfect starting point to finding what they should be doing for a career and what college they should go to in order to expand their inherent talents leading to a life of true expressed happiness.

How can Authentic Systems effect my life?
It all depends on how you personally used the knowledge that our Assessment leads you too. We have several series to choose from that will guide you while you utilized your new found knowledge of your personal Life Theme Profile.

How is Authentic Systems different from other motivational/personality tests or assessments?
Unlike other personality tests that base who you are according to how 300,000 other people answered their questions, we take a more personal approach to finding out your Authentic Descriptors. Authentic Systems is a process based on our clients on an individual level. Our Psypholigists actually sit down with you, one on one, in your Discovery Session and talk with you about who you are as an individual to discover your Authentic Descriptors together.

How do the Authentic Descriptors form? Are we born with them, or are they formed through life experiences?
The answer for this question is up for debate. According to the founder John Voris, your Authentic Descriptors can either be with you when you’re born, or they are formed by life experiences.

Can I change my Authentic Descriptor, or is it concrete?
Your Authentic Descriptors are concrete although your mode of expressing them may fluctuate through out your life.

Will my Authentic Descriptor change next time I take the Assessment?
Your Authentic Descriptors will never change no matter how many times you take our assessment. Your Authentic Descriptors are part of your Mind DNA which does not change over time regardless of the surrounding environment.

Is there an Authentic Descriptor that is better than another?Authentic Descriptors are equal in their values and morals. All Authentic Descriptors are individually based and the society needs

Can anyone take the Life Theme Assessment?
It is recommended that no one under the age of 15 take the assessment. Also We are not psychotherapists and refuse those manifesting mental diseases or other pathologies. It is not because the information is harmful rather the Archetypal protocols we have developed in our questioning will not be retrievable. We need our clients to have a firm psychological foundation as sound socially functioning individuals.

Can Authentic Systems help me choose a significant other?
After you have gone through our Assessment and Discovery Session we can place you on our Dating Diamond workshop. Here you will learn how Life Themes impact each other on a social and intimate level. This will enable you to properly assess your partner from an Archetypal perspective and either enhance your present relationship or know how to reduce or eliminate any surface conflicts you may have with him or her.

What methods, process and systems are used that make up Authentic Systems methodology?
See our Background Resource.

What does a Motivation Analyst do?
A Motivation Analyst assess the client by asking questions that reach below immediate and surface answers. It’s not just why someone behaved a certain way but why did that person give the answer they did?