Individual Sessions

ALTA Premium Includes The Following:

Your Life Theme:
This is your overall personal belief system from which you derive all meaning, purpose, understanding, direction and motivation.

Authentic Attributes:
Within your Life Theme resides a very unique and individualized style “of being” as well as a particular style of knowledge you use to express yourself.

Synthetic Attributes:
Within your Life Theme resides a very unique and individualized style “of doing” as well as a distinct style of taking action which you use to express your state of being into observable and actionable.

Results Type: Abstract Vs. Physical
This is a disposition that shapes your various interests in life which both determines and defines your expectations.

Social Type: Private Vs. Public
This is your tendency for either a Private (introverted) or a Public (extroverted) approach to problem solving and social behavior. Many recipients of ALTA are very surprised after accurately learning about their Social Type. Many times it is exact opposite of what they have been taught by typical, faulty personality testing methods.

Rejuvenating Identity:
This is your alternate way of both “being” and “doing” which allows you to temporarily escape and take a break. It is also a key ingredient to long-lasting, intimate relationships. This is a very crucial facet of your identity and can only be discovered through ALTA and nowhere else.

Authentic Purpose:
This is your ultimate intention in life also known as you “Hero Slogan”. It wraps up everything discovered above into a very simple, concise “personal brand” that allows you to clearly see who you should “be” and what you should “do” in life to attain ultimate satisfaction and well-being in life.

What’s Involved and How Long Will It Take?
There are several ALTA options to choose from to match your interest and budget. Typically, ALTA Platinum (the most thorough and in-depth assessment) is a week-long process. After you make your purchase you will be directed to fill out the ALTA Intake Form. Once complete, you will be contacted to schedule your initial 2 hour interview with your Motivation Analyst followed by 6 days of introspection guidance via email and/or text and a final hour and a half follow-up session. Upon completion, you will be given an 11 page Life Theme Report which provides you with explanations and tips that allow you to put this new accurate knowledge of self to work for you.