Authentic Systems: Uncovering Real Motivation and Purposeful Direction in Life.

As a Motivation Research and Development company, we specialize in crafting innovative programs that help individuals identify their true drive and direction in life.

John Voris started a motivational and research company dedicated to uncovering the innermost motivations of people and to empower them with that knowledge.

He is one of the first to pioneer a system based on philosophy, psychology and sales training coming up with an actionable program that is extraordinary – Authentic Systems.

Starting his mission with only a degree in philosophy and the responsibilities of feeding his family, he began to pursue his research as an underperforming salesman. In order to better understand and sell to his potential clients he drew on his knowledge of critical thinking, symbolism, existentialism, psychology, anthropology and forensic science.

He developed an unparalleled system for comprehending human motivation and identity, leading to his sales quote doubling. 

Since then, hundreds of people have been helped by him and his powerful 1 on 1 assessment process. It’s a life altering experience intended to not only teach you what your Authentic Identity and life purpose is, but will also help you unlock a new perspective and create positive changes in your own life.