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Offer Your Clients an Incredibly Powerful and Unique System
to Help Them Manage Self-Mastery and Identify Their Real Purpose

Many of the people who engage my services are coaches and consultants that use my method to enhance their practice. These professionals leverage this deeper understanding they receive from a session to create impactful change on their clients and consequently create more business.

I’m thrilled to offer coaches an opportunity to know the Authentic Identity that lies beneath their client’s personality where actual motivation resides.

In Just 15 Minutes You’ll Be Amazed
Hi, my name is John Voris and I’ve been developing, testing, and perfecting Life Theme and Authentic Identity readings for over  30 years.

Within the first 15-minutes of your session you’ll discover what motivates you and how this would work on your client.

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John Voris offers coaches and consultants group sessions that includes their clients in addition to training sessions and a premium reading with him as an introductory package

  • How to get your clients to enact real and lasting change in their lives.
  • Distinguish your coaching practice by offering a powerful and unique approach.
  • Learn to better sell your coaching services to prospective clients using a highly intuitive communication method.
  • Understand the real reason why your client is unhappy, and how to break the cycle forever with one simple yet powerful piece of information.
  • Discover an unusual method derived from Europe for getting long-term buy-in from your clients in just a few sessions.

Understand and Leverage the Underlying
TRUE Motivation of Yourself and Your Clients

Have you ever wanted to get your clients to experience real longterm change, but they tend to sabotage these efforts? There’s nothing more disappointing than having spent months (even years) working with your clients giving them support that you believe will truly help them, only to have them revert to their old habits and behaviors.

Why is this happening even though they tell you what motivates them and you comply? Knowing what truly motivates people beneath their surface awareness is essential to transform on any level for sustainable change.

Until now the most popular way discover their motivation was through traditional personality profile testing. However the problem with this option is these tests reveal their externally manifested personality and not their deeper identity.

John Voris has been using an Identity Assessment method applying European psychology with consistent success, often opening doors closed to American analysis. We perform this personally in your presence with your client.

Through this method, the client cannot deny the findings but more importantly, he or she does not want to. They are so overwhelmed with someone finally understanding them, that it is not uncommon for clients to cry for joy.

How many people have you heard of crying from pure excitement from learning who they are through Myers/Briggs, Big Five or D.I.S.C.? If you would like to add to your arsenal of personality profiling then sign up for a free 15-minute consultation with John Voris.

What Coaching Clients Say

It was a very enlightening experience to actually be in the role of the client and to have my needs addressed, a role reversal indeed! Through the Authentic Identity process I was able to achieve a new clarity on certain personal life issues that I have been concerned with for many years. I would highly recommend a reading to anyone seeking to examine in depth those issues that impact motivation and achievement. This is definitely an asset worth investigating!

Dr. Chip Allen Lockwood, Ph.D.
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Motivational Counselor

I found his system provided an easily understood framework for explaining why we don¹t do what makes us happy and what we need to do about it. It has become a valuable tool for me personally in redefining some of my own goals as well as a very useful tool in my professional practice as I assist others find success and happiness in their own lives.

Tom Hicks, M.A.

While I am not well schooled in sales, I have many years of experience in training and development. I find your approach incredible and with great potential for sales professionals and others. Actually, I think the skills and insights you provide will benefit anyone who wants to build effective communications in their relationships.

The approach is particularly useful in sales because it creates a way to establish a common ground for communication. It quickly reveals if and how a sale will happen. It provides a way to establish a lasting relationship that will help build a network and referrals.

I have recommended your program to my clients and look forward to the results they will achieve. Furthermore, I invite anyone who may read this to call me and discuss the training.

Russ Volckmann, Ph.D.

This simple step created the foundation for the entire program, which allowed me to communicate clearly and efficiently. John Voris has given me much more confidence when interacting with my prospective clients and I can’t imagine trying to sell something now without knowing what drives each individual client to make purchases.

Zachary Taffany

I was in the process of discovering who I was as a professional and I ended up discovering who I was as a person. It’s amazing what happens when you know who you are! The whole process was intriguing and profound. I learned the kind of person I am, which explained SO MUCH about what drives me, what upsets me and what I can do to change if I’m not happy.

The Authentic Life Theme Test is so different from what I’ve experienced before. It became a tool for me personally and professionally. It helped me accept that I am unique and it boosted my confidence. John was phenomenal and I am very grateful our paths crossed. I highly recommend a reading by John Voris – it will wow you like it wowed me!

Director of Human Resources

if you want to discover what truly motivates your clients.