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85% of People Are Unhappy with Their Job

You Don't Have to be One of Them Any More

When you know and understand your Authentic Identity,

You are Empowered to live your Best Life

College Degree

72% of all college students chose the wrong degree plan, Wasting time and money. Knowing your Life Theme will prevent years of frustration and regret.

Sales Career & Job

Your sales career has been mediocre at best, despite your years of training. It's time to fix that, once and for all. Get to know your Authentic Identity right away.


The toxic relationship you're in is not your fault. You're life theme will show you who's right for you so you can finally live the life you deserve.

Helping You Achieve Success In Every Part Of Your Life

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE AUTHENTIC YOU

You've no doubt taken various personality tests or career placement tests. Those surveys do not reveal to you your true Authentic Identity. That's why you've continued to struggle to live your best professional and personal life. It's time to stop fooling around. It's time to take the Authentic Identity Assessment.

You deserve a fulfilling career

Others have strong relationships. You can too

Discover the college major that best fits the authentic you

Life is so much more fun when you know who you are


The Love Theme is motivated to better humanity by trying to correct that which causes pain, discomfort, suffering, and victimization. It is driven by love, compassion, and empathy.


The Justice Theme seeks balance and harmony. Justice is expressed in several ways. It seeks to correct injustice and immorality in people, relationships and organizations. It also gets expressed by seeking balance and perfection using design through engineering, art, music, and literature.


The Wisdom Theme is driven by a need to know in order to exercise sound judgment in problem solving and goal attainment. Wisdom finds its expression and purpose through teaching, learning, and working with data.


The Power Theme needs to act upon thoughts and get into action. Empowerment finds its expression and purpose through Power as a natural leader and agent of change.

Who is Authentic Systems for?

If you've been struggling in your relationships, career or just getting started in life, Authentic Systems will show you why it appears others are doing life so much better than you, and why It is not your fault.

You simply don't know and understand your authentic identity.

Are you ready go make the change you've been searching for?

Starting College soon and can't decide on a major

Tired of the toxic relationships

Want a better more fulfilling career

Need to improve sales performance

Just want to know where you best fit in your community

Meet John Voris

John Voris was always interested in philosophy, the great thinkers and psychology. Against his parent’s wishes to become a lawyer, he attended Berkeley and received a degree in Philosophy. He soon had a family and supported them working as a door to door and cold-call salesman. He is very good at what he does. Ready to see why John has done so well?

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Talking Points of Great Interest

  • Your poor sales stats may not be your fault
  • Relationships are difficult when you don't even know yourself
  • Why 72% of college students chose the wrong degree plan
  • Massive success as a Door to Door & Cold Call Salesman

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