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85%-90% of sales training lacks positive impact beyond 120 days

87% of the information delivered in seminars and workshops are forgotten in 30 days

The main reason is trainees are given methods and techniques that are alien to them, failing to absorb this information into their natural selling repertoire. Such approach does not conform to how they are and the information is forgotten.

Naturally, billions of dollars are lost to training. More importantly, the closer a trainee comes to that 120 mark the more he or she fails to represent the company, leaving a long lasting negative impression on the prospect.

Authentic Systems finds the essence of your individual identity and speaks to it through the language of sales. This way you cannot forget nor want to.

I engaged in 20 years of door-door sales and sold 13 out of 20 prospects or 65% conversion.

The average sales pro can create 1 lead for every 50 doors they knock on.

Only 2% of all contacts will generate a sale. That is, 2 out of 100 prospects.

Still 62% of salespeople fail to meet their sales quotas

Authentic Systems shows you the underpinnings of what it means to sell anyone anything.

New sales agents lack the ability to motivate themselves.

What if your neurosurgeon was late to your appointment because he or she was attending a motivation seminar?

If you know what motivates your daily life, you will know what to avoid and where to place your efforts.

Learn what it means to be an authentic brand.

Authentic Systems will reveal to you what and why you become motivated and how to tap into that drive at will.

A Revolutionary Breakthrough in Sales Training

For too long sales has been dominated by “canned” persuasion. With a history of failure rates for sales trainees approaching 90%, and only marginally better percentages for sales professionals with under three years of experience, you’d think the sales training industry would be desperately looking for alternatives. So why do they keep churning through the seemingly endless supply of willing victims?

What if you could dramatically increase your natural selling ability by simply relaxing, being yourself and allowing your prospects to do the same?

Authentic Selling promises nothing less. In one day you will discover how sales result from :

(A) who you truly are

(B) the true nature and meaning of what you are selling

(C) who your prospect truly is

No more scripts. No more pretending! Only increased sales and improved customer relations.

You will learn:

  • Selling is only a by-product of a deeper psychological process.
  • Features and Benefits are only a secondary reason for purchasing.
  • The “Right” language does not generate positive communication but possessing deeper understanding does.
  • Selling power is generated by integrity rather than enthusiasm.
  • People really don’t buy widgets or services they buy something much more personal to them.

Taking the Next Step

Authentic Systems is truly a paradigm shift in sales training. This advanced methodology can not be found anywhere else. It is the culmination of 30 years of extensive research, theory and practical, real world application. This revolutionary approach to sales is substantiated by over 550 academically recognized books representing over 1000 experts in their respective fields, such as; psychology, psychophysiology and philosophy to name a few.

Truly Custom

Unlike traditional sales training methods with a one-size-fits-all approach, the Authentic Selling Series is hand tailored to your specific industry, company vision and goals.

What’s more, each member of your sales team will be treated as a unique individual with unique advantages that can be utilized to improve overall sales production, and reduce or eliminate employee conflict.

As a bonus, everything your employees learn to increase their sale ability can also be put into practice to enhance their own personal lives.

Authentic Selling Series

Part 1

In part 1 each member of your sales staff will receive a Life Theme Discovery Session to discover their own unique selling style which is a crucial component to both their success and the success of your company. For more information on whats included in the Life Theme Discovery Session click here and make a choice.

Part 2

In part 2 you and your staff will learn:

  • Why traditional sales techniques do not work
  • How language (what we say) plays only a minor role in getting the sale
  • The existence of several levels of communication beneath verbal and body language
  • How we (as humans) create “Meaning” in everything we buy
  • How to accurately predict a prospects behavior

Part 3

In part 3 you and your staff will:

  • Learn the function and significance of your minds Authentic and Synthetic Identities
  • Identify how and why objects in your prospects life reveal who they truly are
  • Learn how to convert your object (widget or service) for sale into the very symbols of meaning that your prospect will buy

Part 4

In part 4 you and your staff will:

  • Learn how rapport with your prospect occurs and why
  • Discover the “Real” impact of knowing your product or service
  • Learn how to listen to the meaning beneath the words you hear
  • Learn the true “Hidden Secrets” to selling anything
  • Put what you have learned into practice for success
  • To take advantage of this dynamic and progressive approach to sales training or for more detailed information please


The Love Theme is motivated to better humanity by trying to correct that which causes pain, discomfort, suffering, and victimization. It is driven by love, compassion, and empathy.


The Justice Theme seeks balance and harmony. Justice is expressed in several ways. It seeks to correct injustice and immorality in people, relationships and organizations. It also gets expressed by seeking balance and perfection using design through engineering, art, music, and literature.


The Wisdom Theme is driven by a need to know in order to exercise sound judgment in problem solving and goal attainment. Wisdom finds its expression and purpose through teaching, learning, and working with data.


The Power Theme needs to act upon thoughts and get into action. Empowerment finds its expression and purpose through Power as a natural leader and agent of change.

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