Our team offers a creative approach to uncovering new insight into humanity’s drive.

We blend methodologies on both philosophy and psychology, creating thought-provoking strategies that teach clients how to attain their highest potential.

There is great benefit to be found by understanding what motivates people, which is why we specialize in delivering this valuable knowledge to our customers.

With our help, clients can surrender themselves to working with meaningful connections with both people and things around them.

Clarity and development of meaningful relationships emerge as the end result; setting foundations for true transformation at work and in personal life.


The ALTA Assessment
A one on one coaching package designed to help clients discover their life purpose and their authentic identity. 

We all have a unique mission and reason for being on this earth, but sometimes figuring it out can be a daunting task. His program will guide people on a journey of self-discovery through a series of sessions that will help them gain a deeper understanding of themselves and what they were designed to do. 

ALTA Assessments for Coaches
By utilizing John’s ALTA Assessment, coaches are able to gain a more profound insight into their clientele. Professional and executive mentors have found success by incorporating it into their practices. 

Workshops: On-site and Virtual Workshops
Understanding each team member’s individual process and how to grow in their respective roles helps to foster a successful and cohesive team. By getting insight into the various motivations of your employees, you are one step closer towards creating a healthier and more productive work environment.