What Is Authentic Systems?


It seems like such a simple question. When asked, “Who are you?” how do you describe yourself?

Most people respond with answers such as:

  • I am a parent
  • I work as a realtor
  • I live in Nevada

These may describe the person, but they do not tell the whole story. Why?

These characteristics do not reveal what we want, hope for, believe in, and care about, and yet it is these capacities that make us human. Western science focuses only on what is measurable, even when examining human nature. However, this approach is incomplete.

Science cannot penetrate our inner abstract minds.

To live a fulfilling life, however, we must examine who we are at a deeper level. But how do we remember what it means to be human? How do we discover who we really are?


Authentic Systems was a methodology discovered by John Voris. It reveals a person’s truest essence and life purpose – what he calls your Authentic Identity. Never before has there been a method that answers your deepest questions about who you are and your place in the world.

The Authentic Systems uncovers what gives your life:

• Happiness
• Meaning
• Purpose
• Belonging


John’s interest was rooted from his own frustrations and failures while making a living selling products door to door. The same training John was given for sales was taught to every potential salesperson. Yet John noticed that some salespeople thrived, while others failed, in the same environment.

John wanted to know why. He focused on discovering why people with similar backgrounds, opportunities, and intelligence levels succeeded or failed at certain occupations.

John finally answered his questions about failure and success but ended up going much deeper than just researching careers. Based on his lifetime of observation and research combining European psychology and philosophy, forensic science, anthropology, and archaeology, John identified the Genetic Archetypal Blueprint that reveals what it is to be human and to capture what makes “you” distinctively “you.”

Authentic Systems identifies the huge power structures that drive your personality — both known to you and hidden.

John has the uncanny ability to recognize your Genetic Archetypal Blueprint, or life purpose.

Authentic Systems:

  • Identifies the aspects of yourself that define who you really are using the discoveries of European scholars
  • Figures out your inherent design — what you are here to do and express
  • Shows what you need in order to feel acknowledged and to experience genuine happiness on an individual basis

John believes we are specifically designed with precision and intelligence. While his method is astonishingly accurate, it is not magic or done with psychic abilities. John uses a series of questions that seem rather mundane. However, these questions are formulated to discover and assemble your unique personal symbols that describe your true nature.

Symbols and archetypes that you express hold the code to reveal your Authentic Identity hidden by your personality. John is a detective solving the mystery of who you really are. The “clues” are the objects around you and your interactions with them.

According to John’s methodology, the Authentic Identity is made up of energetic systems that

interplay with one another creating your:

  • Inherent design
  • Life purpose
  • Interests
  • Beliefs
  • Motivation

There are four universal motivation systems: Love, Justice, Wisdom, and Power

Each of us use each of the universal motivation systems in our lives. We learn in order to understand (Wisdom) the meaning of all that is in our environment; this learning occurs progressively through exchanges (Justice) of experiences with others as we act (Power) to produce and impact our environment. This is all dedicated to affirm (Love) our identity and promote well-being in the world.

John’s method identifies how these universal motivation systems are used to design our life.


While each of the universal motivation systems – Love, Justice, Wisdom, and Power – applies to everyone, only one of the universal motivation systems is the dominant force for each of us. This is known as our Life Theme.

This powerful Life Theme addresses for us:

  • Validation
  • What brings meaning to our lives
  • How we belong socially
  • What it means in our lives to make a difference
  • Guidance for our lives
  • The ability to experience joy and happiness

With Authentic Systems, your Life Theme will be revealed.

  • The Love Theme is motivated to better humanity by trying to correct that which causes pain, discomfort, suffering, and victimization. It is driven by love, compassion, and empathy.
  • The Justice Theme seeks balance and harmony. Justice is expressed in several ways. It seeks to correct injustice and immorality in people, relationships and organizations. It also gets expressed by seeking balance and perfection using design through engineering, art, music, and literature.
  • The Wisdom Theme is driven by a need to know in order to exercise sound judgment in problem solving and goal attainment. Wisdom finds its expression and purpose through teaching, learning, and working with data.
  • The Power Theme needs to act upon thoughts and get into action. Empowerment finds its expression and purpose through Power as a natural leader and agent of change.


If we describe your Life Theme as a constant background noise to your life, how you express your Life Theme is the music created by your Three Self-Expressions.

The Authentic System enables you to identify these expressions of motivation which are completely unique to you and make up your individualistic design:

  1. Authentic Motivation: Expresses your abstract state of “being”. It is stable, timeless, and unchanging. This is the more private “real and genuine” part of you.
  2. Synthetic Motivation: Expresses your outward state of “doing”. It is temporal, spontaneous, changes over time, and is flexible so you can express your physical existence in the world. This is the more “public and social” part of you.
  3. Rejuvenating Motivation: Your mind is constantly crossing back and forth between being and doing. As a result, your mind gets exhausted and you need to shift into a different state to escape and refresh. Rejuvenation is an alternate way of “being” that temporarily escapes both your Authentic and Synthetic expressions of existence so that you can take a break and recharge.


The identification of your Life Theme and your Three Self Expressions answer our original question, “Who are you?” The John Voris Method uses this information to explore new questions about your life purpose:

  • Why are you here?
  • What were you designed to do?
  • What is your reason for being?

The answers to these questions create your Hero’s Slogan. You are a hero through your particular way of coming to the aid of people. This is your gift and it is driven by your Authentic Identity.

All of us need all four of the universal motivation systems regardless of our upbringing, opportunities, and physical attributes:

  • If humans could not learn survival skills, find social cooperation, or change our environment through creative thought, we could not take care of our loved ones or ourselves. We would not know how to show compassion to others. (Love)
  • If humans did not have the ability to find mutually beneficial moral and ethical relationships among each other, society could not function as a whole and we could not survive. As it is, life gives us a sense of belonging. (Justice)
  • If humans were not curious to learn our environment, how to associate with others, or how to feed, clothe, or protect ourselves from the environment, we could not survive. As it is, life gives us meaning. (Wisdom)
  • If humans did not have the motivation to act and change our environment or ourselves, we could not survive. After all, humans are the least prepared species for physical survival without our ability to invent and create change. (Power)

With Authentic Systems, you can look to your inner circle and find how your Life Theme contributes to your whole circle of friends, lovers, relatives, and acquaintances. How do you and your Life Theme hold the group together? We all come to the rescue of our intimate village. Your “Hero Slogan” describes your capacity and ability to contribute for the good of the world.


Discovering your Authentic Identity can be a deeply liberating experience. Major positive changes have occurred in the lives of those who have experienced it. When you sign up to work with our company, you too can use this methodology and self- discovery for incredible self-acceptance, self-esteem, self-validation, and self-respect, generating gigantic epiphanies in the realms of your relationship and career.